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In uno dei recenti articoli ci siamo occupati di una delle novità proposte dalla Queen Games in questo periodo, ossia il gioco, di 'gestione risorse', Fresco. Il titolo, come traspariva dalla presentazione, risulta gradevole ed interessante al primo impatto, risultando inoltre adatto ad un pubblico 'familiare', grazie ad un set di regole base non troppo complesso: nonostante ciò la presenza di regole addizionali proposte nel manuale base (con materiali aggiuntivi !) lo rende adatto anche ai giocatori più smaliziati. In considerazione della bontà delle impressioni ho contattato gli autori (o meglio due di essi), i quali si sono volentieri sottoposti ad una serie di domande, che di seguito propongo.

Sintetizzo, come d'uso, i contenuti di quanto emerso, per i meno adusi alla lingua d'Albione. Il lavoro di creazione del gioco è iniziato sin dal 2005, quando i due giovani autori (tedeschi, intorno ai 30 anni di età), pensarono di dar vita ad un titolo incentrato sul tema dell'uso dei colori.
Ad esito di tre anni di testing il titolo fu proposto nel 2008 alla Queen Games, la quale l'anno seguente decise di produrre il gioco, sottoponendolo ad un ulteriore lavoro di raffinazione, affiancando ai due creatori l'esperto designer Panning. Da quella fase di gestazione nacque così l'idea del regolamento 'elastico', con le tre mini espansioni contenute nel gioco base. L'idea alla base di ciò fu, chiaramente, quella di rendere il titolo appetibile per una base di pubblico più ampia, rivolgendosi la versione base al pubblico 'familiare' e quella avanzata di core gamers.  Il fatto che il titolo sia strutturato 'a moduli' consente, naturalmente, di pensare ad ulteriori espansioni, che pare siano già in fase avanzata di realizzazione.

First of all, can you briefly present yourselves?
We, Marco (36) and Marcel (33), live in Germany, in two different cities in the Ruhrgebiet. We met each other in 2002 in scope of our jobs in the insurance branch. We noticed very soon, that we´ve got the same hobby – playing boardgames - and so we became friends. In 2004 we decided to develop boardgames, dreaming of publishing our own first game. Developing  games take a lot of time, so we are very glad, that our girlfriends are supporting us.

How much time have you been working on fresco? Did you pass through a lot of playtesting?
We started to work on FRESCO in late 2005. We tested the game very often and tried diffenerent ways to play it during the following 3 years. At SPIEL 2008 in Essen we presented FRESCO to Queen-Games.

The theme seems to be strong in this game (see colors blending and so on ...) : how did you decide the theme of the game (and the arts/design) ? Did you start from the theme or from the game mechanism ? The game house bought from the authors only the game concept or were they involved also in the development of graphics and setting ?
Yes, in the beginning there was the theme. Our aim was to create a game with an unusual, maybe a real new theme being attractive to families and gamers, too. So we got the central idea for a game, in which the players act like painters restoring a Fresco --- in a cathedral. In a second step we integrated the funny idea of choosing the own wake up time at the beginning of each play-round, causing this special bad mood you´ll get, if you must stand up very very early in the morning. All the other mechanics followed by the way.
After we´ve given FRESCO to Queen-Games, they started to work on it in 2009. In early summer 2009 their work became more and more intensive.  It was a very good and intensive cooperation with all the members of the Queen-Game-Team. Together we did a lot of fine tuning, and we exchanged the experiences of a great number of testings. At the same time the wonderful art design and graphics were created by Oliver Schlemmer. Queen Games gave us a look on it and we were asked regularly for our opinion . Than they made the decision to have a basic game suitable for families and to include some modules so that famlies as well as the gamers could enjoy Fresco. We were - and still we are - very pleased about this good decision and we created the first 3 modules in direct co-operation with Wolfgang Panning.

The game seems to re-implement in an interesting way mechanics seen in different kind of game   : can you tell us something about how you decide to develop their mix?
At first we hope, that the players receive the chance to dive deeply in the theme of the game. And the game has to be very flexible, providing a lot of important decisions and some nice dilemma. To get the right mix of mechanics was the most exciting step on developing this game. Today we are very satisfied with the published version, because now the theme, the art-works and the different mechanics work together as a unit at our opinion.
You're free to express some good reasons for my readers to buy your game... ;-)
Everybody who is interested in theme-oriented games should have a look on FRESCO. It is easy to learn, because the game tells a story and the rules follow the logic of this story. It`s a strategy game with various approaches hence different decisions to make.  The fun factor is high and you get great value for your money. And finally you get 3 expansion modules included, so you can play the game in different ways.  

What's the intended target (kind of players) for this game ?
FRESCO in the basic version is a family game from. But in the full version (with all 3 modules integrated) it is a real strategy game. With a little experience families can also enjoy FRESCO with all the modules. It’s easy to learn, because none of the basic rules will change when you try a modul.  And the moduls can be integrated step by step.

How many copies were printed?
We don`t really know about the numbers but what we certainly know is that Fresco is already been published in English, Spanish, french, Dutch and Italian languages. First of all we hope FRESCO brings a lot of fun.

Did you plan to create some expansions?
Yes. Some are finished and we are doing the final testings. And more ideas for further modules are in progress. By the way we work on it in the proven team. And it`s great fun.

Can you talk to us briefly about your future projects?
Over the last 5 years we´ve created some other nice prototypes, so we hope to have another publication in the near future.

As gamers, what kind of games do you like / are you plaing now?
We like all kind of games with good entertainment. But at most we prefer topic-oriented-games with strong tactical aspects. And we want to have fun – great fun with the people around the table playing a game.

Do you agree with the contents of the preview ? Do you want to add or correct something?
Thank you for this kindly preview. No, everything is fine. But if you have some more questions, we are to you at the disposal. Greetings from Germany. And greetings from Wolfgang, too.  Marco & Marcel

- Le immagini sono tratte  dal manuale, da BGG (postate da Marcel Süßelbeck, Antony Hemme, Nuno Sentieiro) e/o dal sito della casa produttrice (Queen Games) alla quale appartengono tutti i diritti sul gioco. Le immagini e regole sono state riprodotte ritenendo che la cosa possa rappresentare una gradita forma di presentazione del gioco. --

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